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Beauty By Rebecca Grace

I became a fully qualified Beauty Therapist in 2011 and have since worked in a local salon and in a range of Beauty Spas within the New Forest including 5* Chewton Glen. With this experience I have been offering Mobile Beauty Treatments since 2020.

Pricelist for all Beauty treatments can be found on in 'Services'.


In 2020, during the Covid19 lockdown I had time to reflect on my years working in Beauty and whilst watching how this industry was so heavily impacted at this time, it allowed me to discover what I felt was missing from both my business and the local community. As many people started to work from home, childcare became challenging and some of my clients wanted to remain at home I felt it was time to take my beauty services into their homes. 

Over my years I have worked with various different brands including OPI and Jessica but I felt that as the times were changing there were new brands being brought into this fast moving industry and after many months of researching I took the jump to work with 'The Gel Bottle'. The Gel Bottle has an outstanding reputation and the product range is recognised worldwide.

I qualified as a Nail Technician in 2011 and have been working with different brands over the years I felt that it was time to invest into some further education and to start offering the most current treatments to my growing clientele. I completed some CPD training and extended learning with Honey Bunny Training in 2022 with Vanessa Honebon. I completed BIAB, E-file Manicure & E-file Pedicure training. 


What is BIAB?

BIAB also known as Builder in a Bottle, are a range of soak off gel builders that are ideal for sculpting and tip extensions.

You can also use it alone on the natural nail bed to enhance the natural nails ability to grow or increase strength in clients with particularly brittle nails. 

Much like Rubber Base, BIAB™ increases the nails flexibility - meaning nails are much less likely to snap. 


They come in a range of super popular colours which can be used alone over forms (or underneath any one of our super-pigmented TGB colours) for a super strong extension. They can also be used as a treatment on natural nails that “just WON’T grow”. 


What is E-file?

An electronic nail file is a nail filer that uses drill bits to file nails faster and more comfortably without damaging the nail plate. I am able to offer enhanced precision and removal of gel polish & BIAB. The E-file can assist with filing of nails, debulking product, buffed finish and cuticle work. Giving my clients a clean and perfect finish.

The E-file has many different drill bits that can be used during a deluxe pedicure to remove corns, callas and hand skin removal.  

Gel Manicure - With Polish

Includes hand soak, file of the nails, a cuticle tidy, hand exfoliation, arm & hand massage & the choice of gel polish.


RG Deluxe Gel Manicure - With BIAB 

Includes file of the nails, a cuticle tidy, BIAB application & the choice of gel polish.

Gel Pedicure - With polish

Includes a relaxing foot soak, toenails clipped and filed, hard skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle tidy, foot & leg massage & the choice of gel polish.

RG Deluxe Gel pedicure - With callas treatment

Includes a relaxing foot soak, toenails clipped and filed, hard skin removal using E-file bits, callas removal, food mask treatment, exfoliation, cuticle tidy, foot & leg massage & the choice of gel polish.

Kids Mani/Pedi 

Includes file, minor cuticle work, hand and arm massage & the choice of nail polish. 

(Nail gems & glitter available)





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